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Friendly Atmosphere

Sizeable community of many great characters, playing for fun- skill doesn't matter! It helps us win though ;)

Large-Scale Events

We will be taking part in the massive events of the time, playing in the 250vs250 player battles- using tactics to our advantage. We will also be playing smaller-scale events though, so if that's more your fancy, that'll do too!


Though we may all be English speaking, it's not all of our first language- you may find someone here who speaks your language too!

Who Are We?

We are a group of friends, who enjoy gaming together. We play a large selection of games, from the older RTS games, to battle royales- whatever takes your fancy! We will be playing a fair bit of Bannerlord upon release, but not to say we don’t play other games!


Years Mount & Blade Experience





Early Access

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