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From our experience, we believe it to be important to have a rank system, to symbolise your commitment to the clan. This means that if you attend events a lot, help out, or show skill you can rise through the ranks!

Rank Structure

    Leadership Team

  • Royalty

  • King
  • Crown Prince (Aetheling is the Saxon term)
  • Officers

  • Jarl (Danish/Norse Lord)
  • Ealdorman (Saxon Lord) pronounced El-der-man


  • Thegn (thane) – Saxon equivalent of a knight, a retainer for Saxon nobility (a warrior class). This role is a minor lord so could be put under officer.
  • Housecarl (Huskarl) – Originally a Dane/Viking term but also later adopted by the Saxons. This role is a minor lord so could be put under officer. Acted as Guards/Household soldiers. They were effectively the elite infantry of the time as they were full time warriors rather than the part time Fyrd.


  • Levy – In this period there were not large standing armies so kings/nobles would levy men to form militias when required.
  • Lething (Leding) – A form of Norse militia raised to defend their coasts.
  • Fyrdman (Pronounced F - y - eard) – Saxon local militia.


  • Freeman - Person who was free (not enslaved).

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